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Kingsgate, WA
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Kingsgate, WA Real Estate Statistics

Avg. Home Price: $1,015,000
Average Home Size: 2,010 SQFT
Price Per Square Foot: $622
Average Year Built: 1979

Kingsgate is a neighborhood located in Kirkland, Washington which is part of King County, Washington. The latest U.S. Census Bureau release states Kingsgate has a population of 45,009 people with a median age of 36. It consists of mostly white collar workers with an overall average household income of $127,177.

Kingsgate has 19,279 housing units with 59% owner occupied and 75% of those having a mortgage. The median value of a Kingsgate home with a mortgage is $617,800 and has housing costs of $1,948 per month.

The median year these properties were built in 1979 with homes first built before 1940. Starting in 2000, 1,680 homes were built between 2000 and 2009 in Kingsgate and 946 homes were built after 2009.

Kingsgate is a competitive market with many homes receiving multiple offers that are at least 20% above the list price. These homes sell quickly with some sales going pending in 2 to 4 days.

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